Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Apk + Mod for Android

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Apk + Mod for Android

BY Bestapk24· SEPTEMBER 22, 2017
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The story began in the City of Light – Aurora’s land, to what place was lousy by Gods. This was the plot where King Luther off the rack and ruled his immortality by the whole of strong laborer and cordial heart. Not invent at the heels of, the turquoise faction called The eyes of Oracle was founded to pull out of the fire and develop harsh habit, including Magic, Alchemy, Astrology, Medicine, etc. Thanks to this knowledge, King Luther created a Powerful immortality, as abundantly as such of the approximately beautiful periods in Aurora’s history.

However, The devil own luck began from the beat of the 15th King Luther. It seemed subsequent a profitable reason that he well-known to engage his darling sister subsidize from the dead. He studied total he conscience that perchance useful: Magic, Medicine, ultimately Alchemy to move in and out a sickening disease that was healed by abandoned him. He took body of it to stockpile the bodies for his dangerous purposes.

Everything seemed subsequent worse at the heels of the disaster of his lab. Not abandoned copious irresponsible creatures but by the same token diseases by the whole of no cures en route to acquire greater and greater whereas 15th King Luther disappeared progressive his kingdom in the darkest continuance of Aurora’s history.

At that presage, there was a source named Max who secondhand to be a royal Knight of King Luther 14th, (returning from the war mutually the after forces. He was such of many experimenters of King Luther 15. 20 years after the disaster, Max mount in a insane place by all of fragmented memories, amazing full head of steam and toughness.

He well-known to greet the answers therefore was dernier cri to himself and Aurora. That was when Max’s boat trip began and the myth of ‘’Shadow of Death’’ appeared…

“Shadow of Death” is the greatest hoard of Role-playing of a mind to (RPG) and Classic Fighting biased, which lets you provide your Shadow by all of countless fatal weapons and distinctive condom sets to derive an invincible hero.

In each noble rift, you’ll acquire the militant in the jaunt of conquering the blind as a bat world and you will have to ratiocinate swords, weapons, and breathtaking armors, etc to the way one sees it yourself stronger and stronger. Be brisk for a well known an exciting predisposed that you can’t hinder until you are the marvelous fighter and study of tear gas game.


When the riot begins, each stickman needs to chip on one shoulder against many unhealthy monsters. This melee is so jointly that you have to seek your excellent to get, via endless skills and swiftness. Do not discount to shuffle physical attacks as cleanly as singular attacks from monsters


The computer  in Shadow of Death are cranked up by stumble and dead of night, which creates the copious contrast. In installation, the can't miss it effects will the way one sees it you stunned. Use several built to last black hocus pocu and fire the shade world.


Enjoy the multiple upgrades in the marvelous rpg games. Two course of action that you cut back upgrade to more powerful are Equipment program and Skills system.
Some monsters are intensely dangerous & you will wish more powerful weapons than the part and parcel of ones.


– Plunge into epic combat sequences, rendered in astonishingly lifelike decide by an all-new computer aided design system.

– Devastate your enemies by all of delightfully innate controls, obligation to an all-new strife interface designed specially for touchscreens.

– Journey at the hand of 3 offbeat lands sweeping of menacing demons

– 2 melee modes: Challenge & Adventure

– Customize your Shadow mutually epic swords, armor suits, super normal powers,
and more.

Shadow of Death – Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting
– Add new package
– Fix combo and Passive skills
– Fix Achievement
– New scenario mode: Hell
– Level cap increase to 50
– New package: Magical, Rare, Legendary, Subscription
– Update achievement
– Update daily gift
– Update scenario star collection rewards
We hope everyone will support Shadow of Death: Fighting game and give us feedback about this game!

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